What’s the Solution to Neck Pain?


While there are many reasons why a person seeks out chiropractic care, one of the most popular reasons has to do with neck pain. Spinal problems are associated with neck pain and chiropractors are one of the best people to consult when you have this problem.

If you have neck pain you know how controlling it can be. It has a tendency to prevent you from exercising, doing certain activities, or even concentration on your task at hand. That can be the worst thing to anyone. You can rely on pain pills, but that’s probably not the best solution. Most of the time pills or medication are simply temporary relief and only succeed in hiding the pain for a short time. You need something to end the pain and that’s where a chiropractor can help.

The neck’s natural curve is usually the problem when it comes to neck pain. It’s usually the curve in the spine that needs to be adjusted. A person that sits at a desk for long periods of time possibly have a curve that goes forward or is reversed. This is not the proper alignment and needs to be corrected so relief can begin. When the curve is not corrected, over time, the muscles weaken and they are subject to injury more easily then muscles that are strong and in the proper position.

A chiropractor has the ability to find the area that’s out of alignment and carefully put it back into place. This action is called a spinal adjustment and once this is completed the range of motion is restored and neck pain is reduced.

Since neck pain is one that many people have on a regular basis, pain pills are not the route you want to go. It’s better to correct the problem right away so the pain goes away and doesn’t come back. There are several life style changes that you can make so this pain free living can occur. These would include a change in your diet, frequent exercise which may include yoga or meditation, massage therapy, a change in your desk so it’s ergonomically correct, and posture training.

The most important thing to remember is to seek chiropractic care as soon as the neck pain or stiffness starts to appear. This will make the adjustment easier on both you and the chiropractor. When you’re proactive you’ll prevent future problems and pain from occurring.


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